Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Graphic design relates to every visual component of an organization and its communications. This includes visual identity (logo), printed and computer generated communication (print and e-newsletters, social media pages), advertising and promotional graphics, product and package graphics, point-of-purchase and exhibit displays, and signage. A professional Graphic Designer has the education, training and expertise to analyze and advise on the...
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Birds of a Feather

…really do flock together! When I started Western Sky Design in 2004 I was somewhat nervous about finding clients and even more concerned about keeping them! But I have learned over the years I will attract and maintain relationships with like-minded people by being myself. Someone once told me, "Not everyone has to be your customer."...
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Cat Crazy Bird Brain?

I don’t think of myself as a “crazy cat lady” but I sure do like to take pictures of our cats. Miso, the Siamese tabby mix, is generally agreeable to this intrusion. Junie, the brown tabby, not so much.