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Today’s Proofing Process

Back in the day you sat down with your red pen and marked up a hard copy proof for your project. This may still be the case if you are reviewing proofs for a project about to go to press. But in the design and layout stages of the process, it's all about speed, electronic files, and...
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More Than Graphic Design

It's one thing to be a talented graphic artist…it's another to provide exceptional customer service and deliver the goods on time, within budget. Western Sky Design's commitment to these principles is what sets us apart from the competition. Simply put, we strive to attract new clients and retain existing ones through effective graphic design, and by maximizing your ease of doing business with us throughout the entire process. Read more

What’s With the birds?

cardinaldrawingAll my life I have been passionate about two things: being creative and watching birds. When it came to creative projects I was "all in" as a kid: drawing, coloring, puzzles, fort building, Easter eggs, models, bulletin boards, and more! It's no surprise that art class was...
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Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Graphic design relates to every visual component of an organization and its communications. This includes visual identity (logo), printed and computer generated communication (print and e-newsletters, social media pages), advertising and promotional graphics, product and package graphics, point-of-purchase and exhibit displays, and signage. A professional Graphic Designer has the education, training and expertise to analyze and advise on the...
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