There’s So Much to Learn!

When it comes to teaching graphic design on the computer, I’ve learned a few things throughout the course of my career:

  1. Most beginners are overwhelmed when they launch an application and see all of the tools, toolbars, menus, menu items, palettes, and more!
  2. It’s not uncommon to be intimidated by the blank document and think, “I don’t even know where to start.”
  3. It’s true… “How am I ever going to learn this stuff when I only use it once a month or less?”

Western Sky Design’s on-site training addresses these concerns.

  1. We will meet with you to assess your skill and comfort level in the program(s).
  2. We will outline a lesson plan and schedule to teach you the necessary tools and workflow you need to complete the required tasks.
  3. Like any good instructor, we will stress: practice, practice, practice.

Our goal is to provide customized training in a comfortable environment that ultimately results in the best retention and outcomes for you.

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