What’s With the birds?

cardinaldrawingAll my life I have been passionate about two things: being creative and watching birds.

When it came to creative projects I was “all in” as a kid: drawing, coloring, puzzles, fort building, Easter eggs, models, bulletin boards, and more! It’s no surprise that art class was my favorite subject throughout elementary and high school; math a very close second! In college I considered an Art History major, but along the way I stumbled onto an elective Graphic Design course and knew it was the best thing for me.

My earliest birding memory dates back to the late 60s in Michigan: I would put food out in the front yard then lay in the black chair in the living room and watch the birds for hours. I was pretty good at identifying the following species by sight and sound: Cardinal, Blue Jay, Vireo, Titmouse, Mourning Dove, Grackle, Starling, Cat Bird, Baltimore Oriole, House Wren, Nuthatch, Cedar Waxwing and House Sparrow.

I am thankful for the exposure to both “hobbies” as a young girl and feel very fortunate to continue on with both of them today.

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