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Logo design is a science and an art. The science is two-part: Q and A with the client to learn more about the company's direction and help establish the brand; and research into their industry and competition. The artistic aspect is what you see: the graphics, fonts, and colors that make each logo unique, meaningful and memorable....
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Stationery (sometimes referred to as a Business Package) typically includes Business Cards, Letterhead, a mailing Envelope and occasionally a Second Sheet.
  • Business Cards can be single or double-sided, any size, and landscape or portrait orientation. Rounded corners (some or all) and a variety of finished are also available.
  • The standard size for Letterhead is 8.5 x...
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Brochures are created from a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides. This single sheet is then folded, at least once (half fold), but often twice (letter or tri-fold). Brochures can be configured for many sizes, layouts and folds.  ...
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Publication Ads

Publication advertising refers to ads that appear in magazines that are published on a regular basis. They include advertising and editorial content, may be printed and/or distributed digitally, and are financed through advertising, subscriptions and purchase (newsstand) price. They generally fall under the category of news, trade journal, special interest, or entertainment.  ...
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