Meet Junie — aka Junebug, Juniper, Buggles, Boo, Boo Kitty, Herself, Git-offa-that!, Git-outta-there! and Whatta-ya-doin?!

We adopted Junie from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in 2009 with her now step-sister, Miso.

In addition to being one of the most curious cats ever, Bug has some pretty amazing talents and quirks:

  • escaping at the speed of sound through the world’s smallest door crack;
  • coming to my office every afternoon (during crunch time) and pestering me to play fetch;
  • biting under the guise of being cute—cat language for “wake up, feed me, or come play”;
  • a hatred of all things meat and a love of lettuce;
  • and a fear of brooms, the door bell, children and plastic bags.

If you visit us you might meet Junie… if she comes out from hiding after hearing the door bell!