Meet Miso — aka Miso D Cat, Bunny the Cat, Miso Miso, and Scaredy Cat.

Miso was adopted from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in 2009 on the same visit when we got June Bug.

Miso is not just another pretty face… she has many talents and quirks:

  • a 6th sense it’s nail trimming time (then hiding) before I even go for the clippers;
  • moon walking and barfing simultaneously;
  • a love of all things meat, dairy, and avocado;
  • the ability to magically appear in the kitchen for any of the aforementioned items;
  • and a propensity for extreme sweetness and silliness.

If you visit us, Miso will be the cat who sits on your lap for about 15 seconds, then launches to demonstrate just how sharp those (unclipped) toenails really are!